Certification Database

The Certification Database was installed in many well known companies as EADS Munich-Military Aircrafts, Fairchild DORNIER, GROB Aerospace, Scandinavian AVIONICS and V-Plane Engineering. The database have been developed in the last 20 years by Dipl. Ing. Calin Gologan and Dipl. Ing. Viorel Tigau. The two engineers have more then 25 years experience in certification activities also in developing and using the Certification Database.

The database (MS-ACCESS) organize and controls all the main certification tasks: regulation (FAR/JAR/CS 23/25/27/29), means of compliance, certification documents, compliance summary and the corresponding responsibilities.

  • All the certification documents (MOC list, compliance record sheets) may be printed  ready to send to the authorities. The database may be used as an empty structure or including certification „know-how“ for a given class of aircrafts by means of  completed MOC list, list of certification documents and a compliance document list for each paragraphs. The following regulations are included: FAR/JAR/CS 23/25/27/29.
  • The database is very useful especially when developing a family of similar aircrafts. Most of the structures used for the first model may be reused for the next ones.
  • The certification process does not finishes with the type certificate. It continues during the whole life of the aircraft. A lot of small and major modifications must be performed. Each modification must be carefully analysed in order to take the right decisions respecting the certification tasks which must be completed. This complex process may be controlled only by means of a relational database. Such a database became in the last time a standard in the modern aircraft certification.

► Download: Certification Database - Quick Reference