The Electric- and Solar Aircraft from PC-Aero are flying:

  • tl_files/PC-Aero/images/Grafik-No.pngwithout CO2 emissions
  • without noise

We do not have to wait for new technologies, we need only to integrate current components (lightweight structures with high-quality aerodynamics, light and modern electric motors and batteries) in a optimized system.

Without CO2 emissions:

  • Elektra One and Elektra One Solar with a Solar Hangar

Without noise: 

  • propeller speed for cruising at 1400 RPM (Elektra One) 
  • makes twice less noise as an UL
  • makes five times less noise in comparison to a classic light aircraft

What do we expect from the electric mobility in the air ?

  • environmental protection through elimination of CO2-emissions
  • low noise
  • long range
  • low operating costs 
  • safety