Electric- and Solaraircraft Elektra One Solar

Elektra One Solar

Solar cells on the wing surface provide about the half of the energy for flying. But not only this is new. Our Elektra One Solar is a further development of our Electric Aircraft Elektra One – with completely new wings (a new wing profile and a longer span). The complete structure, including flight controls, is built in carbon composite materials.


  • solar cells on the wing surface
  • 6 square meter solar cells on the wing surface provide more than 1 kW power for flying 
  • high energy density Li-Ion-batteries provide the rest of the energy
  • the Elektra One Solar can fly with 2.5 kW power (in horizontal flight)
  • less aerodynamic drag using a new laminar wing profile 
  • longer span: 
  • 11 meter wing span instead of 8.6 Meter (Elektra One) guarantees a best glide ratio of 30
  • higher aspect ratio 
  • weight reduction by 100 % carbon construction
► Fly with the sun!

Elektra One Solar + mobile solar charging station



► Specifications:
MTOW 300 kg
Empty weight 100 kg
Battery weight 100 kg
Payload 100 kg
Wing span 11 m
Wing surface 8,2 m2
Max. engine power 16 kW
Max. range up to 1,000 km
Max. endurance more than 8 hours
Cruise 140 km/h
Aspect ratio 14,7
Best glide ratio 30

Ultralight class Germany
(LTF-UL); in future also in the FAR 103 ultralight class