Elektra Two (2-seater)

  • Standard-Version
  • Record-Version

These Aircraft are a scaled version of the Elektra One Solar.

Version 1: Elektra Two Standard, with two different wing span: 17 meters and 14 meters
Version 2: Elektra Two Record. Only one unit for a range over 2000 km will be built.

Our Electric Aircraft for cruise, flying clubs and training:
Elektra Two Standard (long & short version)

The outer shape of the Elektra Two Standard is the same as the Elektra Two Record. Two versions will be provided: the long span version (17 meters) and the short span version (14 meters).

Construction: carbon / glass

Our leightweight aircraft: Elektra Two Record

Solar cells on the wing surface provide the energy to fly. The solar cells will be laminated in the wing skin structure.

construction: glas and carbon fiber
weight: 350 kg
range: more than 2000 km

► Specifications:


Elektra Two Record

Elektra Two Standard

MTOW 350 kg 350 kg
Empty weight 140 kg 200 kg 
Battery weight 80 kg up to 100 kg 
Payload 150 kg 180 kg
Wing span 17 m 14 m / 17 m
Wing surface 19 m2 15 m2 / 19 m2
Max. engine power 16 kW 40 kW
Max. range more than 2,000 km

14 m wing span: 500 km
17 m wing span: 700 km

Max. endurance over 20 hours

14 m wing span: 5 hours
17 m wing span: 8 hours

Cruise 80 km/h

14 m wing span: 140 km/h
17 m wing span: 120 km/h

Aspect ratio 15

14 m wing span: 13
17 m wing span: 15

Best glide ratio 34

14 m wing span: 28
17 m wing span: 34

Certification LTF-UL Germany LTF-UL germany