Elektra Obeserver LT

The Elektra Observer LT is an Unmanned Electric Aircraft, based on our Elektra Two. Elektra Observer LT flies also with solar cells on the wing surface.

Elektra Observer LT integrates key future research technologies, like very low level emission flight (noise, vibrations and CO2), public security and autonomous aerial systems. In a very low operation cost high altitude mini solar UAV.

Applications: civil surveillance.
The Elektra Observer LT flies practically zero noise emission (40 dB) and 8 hours.
Endurance: up to 8 hours

► Data sheet:
weight up to 24 kg
payload up to 10 kg (camera and datalink)
cruise speed 60 km/h
standard autopilot and stablised gimble cam, real time video (VGA) transmission
option 3 times redundant autopilot and flight control